This policy allows the currency’s exchange rate to fluctuate within a certain range,

Bangladesh Bank’s new method of buying and selling dollars is not applicable in the crooked market (Holabazar).

A day after the government fixed the price of the dollar at 117 taka,

the dollar is selling at 123-125 taka in the open market. Along with the dollar, other currencies were also affected.

These pictures emerged on Thursday (May 9) after they visited stock exchanges in the Fakirapul, Paltan, and Motijhell areas of the capital.

Also, the costs of opening the bank’s LC have increased. visit website:

Such banks,

which were doing LK at 115 takas on Wednesday (May 8), were reported to be taking rates from 117 takas to 50 paise to 118 takas today, Thursday. In these areas, the buying rate was 114 taka 50 paise to the dollar on Wednesday, while the selling rate was 116 taka. Today, it sells for 125 rupees. In the case of a purchase, the exchange offices determine the price as they wish.

At a money exchange in the capital’s Paltan district,

a person working there said the Bangladesh Bank’s decision was made in the afternoon after a customer wanted to buy dollars. I am still deciding how much to sell it for. In the afternoon, he brought the visa passport to see what could be done. Later, as the reporter was leaving, he was called from behind. So if the uncle wants to buy, the price will be 125 taka. If you want to get it, come to that tea house.


One of the other counters said,

“Mom is with Intelligence-NSI-DGFI now.” How do you know if you are a real shopper or a detective? I have yet to start selling; they have a small amount; they will call in the evening. I will take her out of the store. But in response to the question of how much he would charge, he said, come first, and then there would be no charge. But it must be given at most 125 rupees.


the dollar and other currencies are also looking higher. Officials from most exchange offices say that the price of other currencies has increased due to the increase in price from 10 taka dollars. Indian currency until yesterday was 1 taka 40 paise; today, vendors are selling it at 1 taka 50 paise. They increased the price of the currency in other countries as well.

Earlier in a circular on Wednesday,

the central bank said a creeping peg exchange system for buying and selling dollars had been introduced. In this method, the average indexation rate (CPMR) for the dollar was fixed at Tk 117. Henceforth, scheduled banks will be able to buy and sell USD around the CPMR in interbank and customer transactions.

 It is very similar to regulated politics.

This policy allows the currency’s exchange rate to fluctuate within a certain range, setting the upper and lower limits of the dollar exchange rate fluctuations.

IMF asks to ease import conditions.

This limit is usually adjusted in case of high inflation and exchange rate volatility.

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