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Asaduzaman Mukta migrated abroad with lofty dreams.

Asaduzaman Mukta migrated abroad with lofty dreams. He no longer touches the sky, floating on the wings of desire.


in 2014, he returned home heartbroken and disappointed. But Mukta returned with a strong desire to overcome despair and unbridled hope. He bought 4 Holistic Phrygian cows for 10 million rupees and had his forehead opened. With his focus and tireless work, he built a huge dairy farm. visit our website:

This farm is called Mandal Dairy Farm.

In just 14 years, he raised 27 cows on his farm. Among them, 17 cows and the rest $10. Overall, the cost of cows on his farm is around 65 to 70 lakhs. Dairy farmer Asaduzaman Mukta said, “Today, we built this farm by buying just four calves and rearing them. Milk is bought from home by confectioners and local merchants.

We grew Napier grass and high-quality maize on about 6 hectares of land. We produce hay from the said grass and corn using modern technology to provide feed for the cows on the farm. Because my farm is equipped with advanced technology, the cows do not get sick.


even with a salary of 5/6 employees, I earn from 80 to 90 thousand taka per month. He also said, “I want to expand this farm of mine and employ hundreds of people. Farmer owner Asaduzaman Mukta’s house is in Tatakpur Mohalla in Birampur town of Dinajpur district. He built Mandal Dairy Farm on a plot next to the house.

Cows roam free in double sheds on the farm.

His house is powered by biogas production from this agricultural waste. Many people in the area, including the district, have been trying to develop dairy farms since he visited this farm

. The self-confidence and tireless work of Asaduzzaman Mukta, who built Mondal Dairy Farm, can be a source of inspiration for new entrepreneurs. Dr. Birampur Upazila, Animal Husbandry Officer, in this regard.

Vipul Kumar Chakraborty said,

“Asaduzaman Mukta is a humble, modest, and hardworking person. His farm is under the supervision of the Upazila Animal Husbandry Department. The Department of Livestock has already selected him as a demonstration farmer.

A shed will be built on his farm as a government incentive. New entrepreneurs will benefit from visiting his farm. I wish him continued success.

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